How to Delete Pubg Account – Step By Step Guide

PUBG is the Most Addicted and Popular game in Recent time and you must have all the details if you want to beat your competitors in the Game. this Brainwashing game can consume your work time which can make you low productive, Still, people play and think about become a winner and get a chicken dinner.

I am very much addictive of Pubg game and want to get rid of it’s a habit, But before it I have gathered a lot of knowledge about the game so I am going to share all the knowledge with you, Which will help you to get win more PUBG games.

If you also want to get rid of Pubg Addiction and want to delete Pubg account than you have visited the best place on the internet. Here is Complete Guide for you to Delete your Pubg Account.

Before deleting your account have to know what type of your account is, As there is two types of account in is that in which you used your Google or Facebook credentials to log in to PUBG at the time of installing this app. Another type of account is playing PUBG as a guest, which means without using any of the login credentials, you just log in to PUBG as a guest, play and enjoys the game.

How to Delete Facebook Liked PUBG account

When you Login on Pubg with facebook account it make some limitation on your facebook account. So people want to Remove their Facebook Account From PUBG.

In the image, You can Check that there will be a Facebook Logo With PUBG game on PUBG Dashboard if your account is Connected with Facebook. You have to follow Given Steps to Remove this Account

-Open Your Facebook account on Browser or Facebook App

-Go to Settings
-Visit Apps

Now there will be a List of All the Games Which are Connected with Your Facebook account.

visit PUBG game option

-Now Click on the Remove Pubg Mobile

Now Your Pubg Account Has been Deleted from your Facebook Account.

Remove Google Account Liked With Pubg account

If You want to Remove Google Account With is Attached with Your PUBG Account that Follows these Given Steps.

  • Visit settings Option of your mobile device.
  • Click on Google.
  • You will be redirected to a list of connected apps to your Google account.
  • Select the PUBG app from which you want to Remove the account.
  • You will be again redirected to a warning
  • Click on the Disconnect button and your account will be removed from PUBG account.

Here We Have Shared Complete Details how you can remove Google and Facebook Account from your PUBG game account. If you Like Our Article Shre this On Your Social Media Accounts with your Friends.

Updated: March 2, 2019 — 2:10 am

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