Why You Should Focus on Guest Posting? – Best Guide

Guest Posting means inscribing personal content on the online platform like website or blog. It helps the individual to attain maximum profit by investing less. It is considered as the best inbound marketing strategy.

If an individual works in the B2C niche, chances are guest posting is not worth it because the amount of traffic you can get from these sites and the amount of business they do for the consumer age is so small, that one can not generate enough revenue.

But on the flip side, for B2B niche, it is worth it in which one can make lots of money. To build authority, an individual should be doing guest posting.

They have to do it in the long run and it takes time to turn guest posting to turn it into a profit-making business.

Guest Posting can help us in several literal ways. There are certain advantages of guest posting.

1. Quality Traffic

Number one is quality traffic, guest posting sends.

In a survey of a blogger, he stated that an average of 1s of his blog result in a 90% bounce rate those from his guest posts spend as much as 4 minutes on his site and only have a very low bounce rate of 40%.

Here is the screenshot of his post backup:


2. Building Authority

Another major advantage of guest blogging is that it helps in building domain name and search engine authority.

Guest Posting is considered as the best process to build authoritative backlink to one’s blog. It helps to build a portfolio of one’s writing on a huge scale.

By guest blogging, you have been monitored by another blogger who doesn’t know you and will surely give honest reviews regarding your blogs.

Guest Posting is very helpful in building one’s social media presence online. Certain sites are happy to accept guest post.

For example, Google helps us to find sites that will pot your posts. Some sample search queries include:-

[topic keyword phrase] + “write for us”

[topic keyword phrase] + “guest article”

[topic keyword phrase] + “become a contributor”

It is considered a shortcut to become famous overnight. Every blogger, beginner or experienced, has his unique style of blogging. Having interaction with other bloggers will help one to learn and understand their style and this will also help in building their style of presenting content.

But there are certain ways, if you want to guest post on sites that have an authoritative link profile, are in your niche, only post high-quality content and have a significant amount of social media followers. For bigger sites like Google, you need to include at least one contextual backlink in your guest post.

3. Increase Traffic

In 2019, guest posting is the best way to increase web traffic. By posting on different blogs, the blogger receives precious inbound connections, increase domain authority, gain more flexibility to people interested in his content and build new relationships with other bloggers.

To get started, check out the content quality you can yield other bloggers. using email outreach strategies to lock slows guest post is also good. Clout content writers to scale the speed at which you post. Building enough influence to gather people, so that they will write for you. Finally, maximize your SEO(Search Engine Optimization) impact with smarter link placement.

By optimizing your links, you will increase your reach, increase organic SEO(Search Engine Optimization), and increase traffic and profits. By focusing on your keyword and linking to high ranking backlinks only from top businesses, you are going to increase traffic and profits. You are going to be able to earn and earn more money.




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