Best ways to hack WhatsApp Account (Spy on Whatsapp Online)

as we know that almost every smartphone user is using WhatsApp WhatsApp is most popular visited which have more than 1 million active users worldwide the latest update of WhatsApp includes some amazing features like video calling some latest images and HD Voice features as we know that WhatsApp is available for iPhone smartphone Android smart for Microsoft smartphone and Windows smartphones.

Some people want to read a review message of their dearest one person or they want to spy on someone for this they want to hack the WhatsApp account on iPhone or Android.  so here we are going to share some amazing tricks that will help you to hack WhatsApp on iPhone and Android.

Hack Whatsapp Account

As we know that everyone wants to read WhatsApp chats with their friends or someone else there are some applications are available by using that you can easily hack WhatsApp account of your friend or anyone else. The name of these applications are BusyBox terminal emulator WiFi spoof or MacDaddy x these are some popular applications for Android and IOS devices which help you to spy on WhatsApp chats of yours.

Food use this tutorial to hack what subject of your friends or anyone you once have to their mobile with you for physical access because there will be a one time password send for activation once you received that activation code verification you can hack WhatsApp account and you can read chats send receive WhatsApp messages also.

Here we are going to share two different methods for hack WhatsApp account,

  1. spying WhatsApp account method
  2. MAC spoofing method

Like if you want to hack your girlfriends account and want to read her chats I will guide you to hack a WhatsApp account easily once you hack WhatsApp account you can also send and receive messages from her account directly..

important tips:  we are saying this article for only spreading information purpose if you do any misuse your face any legal problem then the site Owner and the author are not responsible for your issues. you should proceed with your own interest and your own risk.

Spy on Whatsapp Online (First Method)

get WhatsApp access to your friends WhatsApp account by using spy WhatsApp account method.

for using this application you have to install an application on your friend’s mobile phone.  there are many spying applications are available on the Internet and you can use these applications on any Android device of your friend and also some applications are available for iPhone too,  and also we are going to share some applications which help you to hack WhatsApp account on Windows phone or Blackberry phone also.

Some applications which are available on Google Play Store for use WhatsApp chats of your friends and any other person by the name of Spy for WhatsApp spy Plus clone, WhatsApp close up, spymaster Pro, my spy And also mLite light family tracker app,  these are some amazing and trustworthy applications which are available on the Google Play Store to hack your friends or girlfriends WhatsApp account.

Spring application for iPhone 5 iPhone 5S iPhone 6s iPhone 7 iPhone 7s iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 are also available there are some applications also available for iPhone with the name of a Spy EP,  contact spy,  Call Lock Pro,  these are some applications which are available on iTunes App Store but the main problem with iPhone is this application so paid if you want to spy of WhatsApp on any iPhone then you have to pick the right application form here.

for choose the best application for spying on WhatsApp read all the review and rating of the application before installing and also check that there is stealth mode in the application. Otherwise, the phone Owner will easily to take that there is any spy software or application has installed on their phone so you have to pick a Right application to spy on the target WhatsApp account without knowing by him.

  • Download the mLite family tracker application from the store.
  • check is there any antivirus installed on the phone because anti-virus to not allowed to install spying applications on their device.
  • follow each and every step while installing the applications enable stealth mode of The Spy application.

Spy on WhatsApp Account Online (Method number 2)

Get WhatsApp access by using MAC spoofing technique

In this method, you have to download some application like BusyBox or terminal emulator on your Android device or if you are an iOS user then you have to download and install WiFi spoof or MAC Dady x application on your iOS device.  once you complete this process you can use WhatsApp access of the targeted smartphone.

Here we are going to say step by step guide to hack WhatsApp account using MAC spoofing.

First Step

  1. Uninstall already installed Whatsapp on your Android device.
  2. Because as you know that WhatsApp allowed when WhatsApp account for windows mobilephone so you are going to get access to your targeted phone so you have to uninstall your account.
  3. if you want to use second account your phone then we have already shared a method to how to use 2 WhatsApp account on the single device.
  4. You have properly removed your WhatsApp account from your Android device.

Second Step

You need to get physical access of targeted mobile phone takes their MAC address. and make sure that that targeted person would that realizes that his phone stolen for Mac spoofing.

Third Step

You have to find the Mac address of your targeted device here is the method how to get MAC address of your mobile phone.

for an Android phone:-

settings>> about phone>> status>> WiFi MAC address

for windows phone:-

settings>> about>> more info>> MAC address

for Blackberry phones:-

options>> device>> device and status info>> WLAN Mac

for iPhone mobiles:-

general>> about>>  Wi-Fi address

  • You have to retain your MAC address once you have hacked your friends WhatsApp account successfully.
  • Install Spoofing application on your mobile phone for Android devices BusyBox and Android Emulator for iPhone and other applications MAC Daddy X,  Wi-Fi spoof.
  • After installation BusyBox application on your Android device, you have to change the address to access or hack WhatsApp account.
  • Open that Android Emulator and type hyperlink show to list out the type of interfaces on your smartphone.
  • You can cross check if you have successfully installed towards account or not the command should show the address of your targeted smartphone you need to hack WhatsApp account.
  • Now the specifying of address is completed you need to install the latest version of official WhatsApp application from the Google Play Store on Android device and from iTunes App Store for iOS device.

Now you have successfully hacked the WhatsApp account on the targeted phone and you can send and receive messages from their account without realizing them.

Final Words

so here is the complete process of how to hack any WhatsApp account without realizing them for iPhone or Android. if you think that this article is helpful for any of your friend or relative then you can share this article if with them on your social media account like Facebook or Twitter and also if you have faced any problem while installing or using these methods then tell us in the comment box we will surely help you immediately.


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