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if you are a board game lover then Monopoly Apk is the best for you in nowadays Monopoly is one of the most popular board game in the world and also this game is very addictive this is the reason that a lot of people play this game once you started playing this game very soon you will become addict to play this like other many cards and board games.

Monopoly is available on Android smartphones the developer of Monopoly game is the same of the developer of EA game you can get Monopoly game from Google Play Store if you want to use the free version of Monopoly game then you can download Monopoly Apk from our website.

People Love to get Monopoly Free Download For Android and Monopoly Millionaires Apk. These are the best version of this application which makes it the best board game of the year 2018. With this user can download Monopoly Classic Apk which can be download free for android. This article will help you in Monopoly Apk Download.

How to play Monopoly game?

if you played any board game in your life then I bet Monopoly is one of the best choices for you and I am sure you already know about this they.  but I you Do not play I don’t know about Monopoly game then here we are going to share the basic features of the game and the complete process to download and install Monopoly Apk on Android devices.

if you want to play Monopoly game online then there is an option which helps you to play this game with your friends otherwise you can play on the Computer. in both of situation, both players will get same in-game cash when the game begins.  and every time when they get the dice the player has to roll and move forward their boxes.

while a player moves across the board and whichever box player land on either they get money or they have to spend some money if you land on a property in the game that is did not found by anyone then player can purchase this property from Bank if you land on a property owned by opponent then you have to pay him the rent of the property.

sometimes the player will get some bonuses and also they have to pay sometimes that makes this game more user-friendly as the game progress player will start going bankrupt in the last and the longest who gone with much money without going break wins the game.

so if you are also a fan of board games then you should have to play Monopoly Games 1 and here we are saying how you can download and install Monopoly apk on your Android device.

Monopoly Apk download for free

if you don’t know how to download and install have to follow each and every step with layered hair by us first you have to know that Monopoly application is not free on Play Store you have to pay a few dollars four play this game.  but most of the user do not want to buy this game and some of them can’t buy for several reasons like they don’t have PayPal account or credit card so they can’t buy anything from Play Store.

How To Download Monopoly App for Free

Just like other articles on our blog we are not going to provide APK download link for premium applications because of some reason like copyright violation of sharing premium applications or games for free is not ethical and legal but if you want to download and install Monopoly apk for free legally and ethical way then you can download and install for free without any legal problem.

here we are going to share some legal and ethical way which allows users to download Monopoly game application for free.

Google Options Allows to Earn Free Money

Do you know that there is an awesome option which can help you to earn money just by telling some surveys and this is also with the trust of Google so there is no risk of Getting Scammed

So if you want to earn money online why feeling service then you have to download Google opinion reward application from Google Play Store.  after installing this application on your work mobile my smartphone register with your Google account now you will start to get surveys all you have to give your opinion on the asked questions and you will get the reward for every survey.

after feeling some surveys you will get some Google app credit in your account and you can use this money to purchase and download paid application from Google Play Store like Monopoly APK.

if you are in a country where Google opinion reward is not working then there is a third-party application is available for you which is named WHAFF rewards. this application will give you some talk that you will need to complete and upon completion, you will get reward with points when you have enough points to withdraw then you can get your reward and you can purchase the Monopoly application from Google Play Store.


So here is the complete ways to download and install Monopoly Apk on your Android device either you can purchase this application or you can use the ways we have shared here which helps you to download and install Monopoly game for free on your Android device if you think this game is useful for any of friends then you can share this article with your friends on your social account like Facebook and Twitter.


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