Parallel space Apk for iOS WhatsApp 2 App for iOS 10 9 and 11

many iPhone users want to use two WhatsApp account on a single phone,  many people think that they can’t use two WhatsApp account on a single phone but there is an application which is named buy parallel space APK allows users to run Two WhatsApp or Instagram or Snapchat account on dual sim phone but for iPhone user this is not easy.  so if you are iPhone user and want to use two WhatsApp account on your device without Jailbreak Then Othman App 2  AP will be helpful for you.

If you are using an IOS 9 10 supported device then you can download and install WhatsApp to A4 iPhone foreign multiple accounts of WhatsApp and other applications without Jailbreak.  iPhone user can use WhatsApp 2  alternative of parallel space APK. This can help users to use multiple accounts on dual sim phones.

Whatsapp 2 App

Here we are going to say step by step guide for iPhone users to use two WhatsApp accounts on iPhone,  we are sharing the method which allows users used two accounts without Jailbreak the only thing you should have to do provide trust to the publisher of the given application by apple so if you want to download 2 WhatsApp account on your iPhone then you have to follow each and every step given below.

Use two WhatsApp account on single iPhone without Jailbreak

WhatsApp is one of the most popular Messenger App in the world as per the recent data released by the for us at the official data of WhatsApp,  WhatsApp is going to hit 1 million active WhatsApp users worldwide.  this application is getting updated new features one by one recently the video call feature and I played on the app and now user can do video calls without any extra cost. because of these amazing features lots of people are using WhatsApp and here is the method of using two WhatsApp account on single iPhone.

The given method is one of the best and latest working trick to use double WhatsApp account in a single time on iPhone 6s iPhone 5 iPhone 7 iPhone 8 and iPhone x and also user do not use Jailbreak for iOS 9 and IOS 10 you have to download only othman WhatsApp 2 for iPhone.

Step 1.  download the latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone from iTunes app store and install WhatsApp using your phone number now come on to download and install the second account of WhatsApp on your iPhone.

step 2.  open the Safari Browser on your iPhone and visit using URL bar.

Step 3.  on the given web page tape on WhatsApp second to install the application without Jailbreak on your iOS 9 and IOS 10.

Step 4.  nowhere you will become on a new WhatsApp version which icon will be available in orange color and you will get the download link just behind the icon so click on the icon for download.

Step 5.  you have to provide permission to develop Apartment WhatsApp 2 account.

Step 6.  now othman WhatsApp to hide installed on your iPhone 5S 6s or iOS 9 iOS 10 and you can use second WhatsApp from the home screen of your mobile phone.

step 7. Now here is the second WhatsApp account for iPhone users on their single mobile they just have to register WhatsApp account with their secondary mobile number and this is the Othman WhatsApp APK which is alternative of parallel space APK for iPhone users.


This is the step by step guide for the iPhone users for use two WhatsApp account on single iPhone at a single time I hope you’re loved and find interesting this article if you think any of your friend need this article then you can share this article on your social media account like Facebook and WhatsApp.

If you feel any error or issue with downloading installing for using of two WhatsApp accounts at a single time then you can tell us why they comment box we will sure provide you help as soon as possible.


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