PUBG Mobile: New Update Brings Exciting Features to the Gameplay

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is known as PUBG is undoubtedly the most exciting action-packed survival game in the world. The game has won plenty of awards and set new benchmarks in the gaming industry with its unbeatable gameplay. Recently, PUBG game has been updated with a new version. The updated version brings a number of innovative features to the game. Let’s find out what’s new in the gameplay!

PUBG is widely popular amongst the smartphone users who are playing this game on their respective Android and iOS devices. The game is updated with Season 8 for mobile devices. If you’ve been playing this game on your Smartphone, then the following list of new features added to the gameplay is worth knowing for you!

What’s new in PUBG Mobile Season 10?

  1. New sub-machine gun

The update brings an innovative and powerful sub-machine gun named PP-19 Bizon. This gun looks pretty cool and it supports the largest magazine in the SMG. This gun is now added to the armory for the players who can pick it up and start using it to kill down the enemies. This is a unique gun which doesn’t support any external tools or attachments.

It supports 9mm ammo which works effectively well on the closest objects. So if you find an enemy closer to you, you can make use of this gun to hunt him down immediately.

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  1. Protection Card

PUBG is played by millions of users online as the game lets you play it with the real players of the world. If you find yourself losing the game or lowering down your rank from the table, then this new Season 8 has introduced a very useful protection card for the players like you. You can make use of this Rating Protection Card to safeguard yourself during the battle.

This new Rating Protection Card helps players from rating deductions by the system. Whenever players try to push their ranking on the ranking table, they can secure their place on the current position by using this Rating Protection Card. It keeps their position secured and safe during the march. It is an important feature added to the gameplay for the regular players who have set up their goals in the game.

Once you reach to Crown tier, you can start using this card to secure the position. To make use of this card, you have to reach out to the Crown Tier in the game. This is the only limitation to use this card.

  1. New HDR Mode

Everyone loves visually-rich games. Most smartphones now support HD resolutions to make things visually rich. Well, the new PUBG Mobile update has improved the HDR mode in the gameplay. The new HDR Mode can be used with the extreme Settings from the game’s settings menu. This will add more beautifications and reality to the gameplay.

By using this new HDR Mode with the Graphics settings, the game will deliver more smoother experience with better visuals. To make use of this new HDR Mode feature, you need to have a latest Android or iOS device supporting HDR contents.

  1. Improved Deathmatch Mode

Deathmatch Mode is quite unique; however, most players avoid this mode and play with the standard mode of the game only. The new update has added support for the players to play this mode with first-person perspective. Yes, you can now engage yourself in the Deathmatch mode by using a variety of weapons and functions.

  1. Transferring of Tiers

Tier Transfer Rules has been added to the gameplay for the players who want to change their existing position in the game. From this updated season, tiers below Gold will be transferred to the next season without any changes. This is quite a useful feature for the players who can’t go up in the gameplay.

Players who are at the Bronze or Silver Tier can secure their position in the game even if a new Season hits by. Their position will be the same in the next season and they can start playing from there instead of starting from the very beginning.

So guys, these are all the useful features and modes added to the PUBG Mobile game with the latest Season 8 update. First, update the game with this latest version and see if you can make use of these latest modes and features.

Updated: November 14, 2019 — 1:45 pm

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